Eco-Friendly Convention Center

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway leads directly to Center City and City Hall, just blocks from the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Green Comes First in Philadelphia
And at the Pa. Convention Center

Philadelphia is renowned as a destination for green meetings. And the Pennsylvania Convention Center is an important part of the city’s commercial and cultural landscape, bringing visitors and convention attendees to the city from all parts of the world for conferences, exhibitions and other events.

As the Convention Center expands, so do its ambitious green initiatives that address air quality, waste minimization, energy efficiency and water conservation and procurement. These efforts resulted in the facility earning LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Green Team Launched in 2016

As a continuation of the ongoing efforts outlined below, the SMG-managed Pennsylvania Convention Center started a Green Team in June 2016. The team, comprised of Convention Center employees, works to continue and expand on the facility’s existing core of sustainability programs that have already resulted in greater energy efficiency and savings for the leading event and meeting venue in the region.

Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy

The PCC uses cleaning chemicals that are green-seal certified and equipment that helps to contribute to the United States Green Building Council leadership in energy and environmental design program for existing buildings rating system. This policy reduces the exposure of building occupants to potentially hazardous chemical, biological and particulate contaminants. Fewer materials are being used overall, and the equipment designed to remove pollutants uses less chemicals and reduces water usage.

Waste Reduction/Recycling

The PCC recycles paper, aluminum, glass bottles and jars, plastic containers and metal. Cardboard is compacted and recycled from the exhibitions show floor. Containers for recyclables are placed throughout the building. The PCC will soon be working with a single-stream recyclery, Allied Waste, that is on the verge of completing and operating one of the most technologically advanced single stream recycling facilities in the country. A waste report can be provided at the end of the event outlining the different waste streams generated and disposed of for future references on how they have contributed to helping the environment.  In fiscal year 2007, the PCC recycled 189 tons of waste helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

Restroom Upgrades

Restroom paper products are made from recycled products. Hand soap and cleaning products are green-seal certified. Automatic dispensers for water, soap and paper products save on waste consumption. Automatic lighting reduces energy costs.

Food Services

The exclusive food and beverage provider at the Pennsylvania Convention Center contributes, too:

  • Sustainable Cutlery, Cups and Plates: ARAMARK uses multiple products that are cost-effective as well as sustainable. Greenwaves, Eco-Products, and EATware provide full product lines of 100 percent decomposable and biodegradable materials. All lines conform to FDA requirements and are made from 100 percent bamboo, corn starch, paper and other natural fibers. At the PCC, the products that fall under this category are: plates, napkins, hot/cold beverage cups and cutlery.
  • Food Composting: As an alternative service to customers requesting food donations, ARAMARK is in the researching stage for food composting. ARAMARK would set-up composting bins that the staff would be responsible for separating food from nonperishable items. The material would be composted on-site and delivered to a local farm for feed and soil enhancement.
  • Culinary Recommendations: Many of ARAMARK’s cooking recipes now call for organically grown vegetables and fruits that are purchased from local purveyors. In addition, ARAMARK uses three lists named “Best Choices,” “Good Alternatives” and “Avoid” when recommending fish entrees. Moving forward with further research, they are looking to change to free-range poultry.


The Pennsylvania Convention Center is conveniently located in the heart of Center City and is easily reached by a train that picks up at all the terminals at the Philadelphia International Airport. Trains and buses from 30th Street Station, a major Amtrak hub, go directly to the Convention Center.

The City of Philadelphia has more than 10,000 hotel rooms within a 15-minute walk of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Philadelphia is very pedestrian friendly: it’s built on a grid structure and is only three miles in width from river to river, reducing busing for conventions saving energy and money.

Easy-to-read walking maps are available to show attendees on how to get from specific area hotels to the Convention Center.

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